Product Name Classification of Products Viscosity
[ mm2/s ]
visosity Index Flash Point
@40℃ @100℃ [℃]
RIS MACHINE OIL 10 Industrial general lubricating oil(No addition) 9.57 2.58 90 180
Description of products It is the general-purpose lubricating oil which is based on a high refined paraffinic mineral oil.
RIS HYDRAULIC FLUID 32 Abrasion proof type hydraulic fluid 31.8 5.57 113 218
RIS HYDRAULIC FLUID 46 46.1 7.03 110 230
Description of products It is hydraulic fluid superior in the Abrasion resistance which combined abrasion proof agent and various additive with high refined mineral oil. Suitable for use in hydraulic power units of high pressure.
RIS HI-GUARD GA-46 Flame resistance type hydraulic fluid 46.03 9.454 195 ---
Description of products It contains water, and it is stability and flame resistance hydraulic fluid superior to a lubricating ability. Hydraulic machinery becomes use in environment to be next to the sources of heat place with fear of a fire. In such an environmental device, there is danger to cause fire failure by a leak and an explosion of machinery in mineral oil system hydraulic oil. Therefore it is very effective to use flame resistance hydraulic oil I prevent a fire, and to improve safety of work.
RIS TURBINE OIL 32 Turbine oil 32.0 5.47 106 220
Description of products This product is the additive-free turbine oil which assumed mineral oil refined highly a base.
RIS OIL W-68 Sliding surface lubricating oil 68.9 9.25 111 244
Description of products It is the sliding surface lubricating oil which this product uses mineral oil refined highly for a base, and balance is good, and added various additive such as a lubricant / extreme-pressure agent / rust-preventive agent / antioxidant. Because it is often that processing oil comes in sliding surface in converting machinery as well as superior lubrication property, separation characteristics with water-soluble processing oil are good.
RIS TEXTAILE 32 Lubricating oil for weaving machines 32.1 5.36 100 228
Description of products This product is lubricating oil for weaving machines that washing is possible with water.
DOOR CHECK OIL Door check oil 33.58 9.820 299 156
Description of products A change of viscosity by temperature variation is small, and this product shows stable performance with oil for door checks.
RIS CHAIN OIL (N) Lubricating oil for chain saw 128 14.6 114 260
Description of products This product is lubricating oil for chain saws. It has good adhesion, and even harsh environment shows performance.